59. Meet Cute Take 2

In which our boy meets the our girl again ... .

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*This is the song that should be in your head as Gatz leads Daisy off into the sunset.
** What happened to Jean Alois? Don’t worry. He’ll be back for future stories.
***Blatant Feminist Agenda: One problem I have with vampire stories is that the vampire dudes are usually jerks to their lady loves. In theĀ Sookie Stackhouse mystery books, I was really alarmed at how often her vampire boyfriends put Sookie in the hospital. Not cool bros, even if one of you is portrayed on TV by Alexander Skarsgard. But an important characteristic of the genre is how the heroine softens the monster inside of the hero; he needs to see her as someone above the normal, fleshy rabble of other humans. So that’s where we are heading next chapter: The Love Bug Bites Gatz. Stay tuned!

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