35. Friendship

Webcomic 35 of Daisy and Gatz

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And welcome Demelza! She and Gatz have been besties since the 1990s when they met in online forums on AOL. (AOL is that service that everyone used to dial into the Internet back in the day.)
This last weekend, I read the very popular Scott Pilgrim graphic novels series. In the back of one of the volumesBryan Lee O’Malley discusses all the steps he takes to draw one l’il comic. Likewise, Faith Erin Hicks over at Friends With Boys did a post on it recently, too. They both talk about how through trial and error they came to their current methods, but even with their present-day skill set, drawing comics takes work!
As you may have noticed, I’m using pencil now because I find it’s easier to draw in details. Also, I think it’s helping me learn how to draw my characters better. Today’s strip took an hour and a half to sketch, draw and shade. Then I spent another 30 minutes or so cleaning it up in Photoshop. Before I even draw a strip, I try to have a dummy script written out. Then I think about how I’d like it portrayed a lot.
See you all Thursday!