34. Character Talk

Webcomic 34 of Daisy and Gatz

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It’s a sketch day here at Daisy and Gatz because I’m still trying to nail down the design of our new character. I haven’t drawn her in awhile, and the way she appears in my head isn’t translating completely to paper. I have four pages of Demelza’s face decorating my table just as of this morning. The above sketch is the closest I’ve gotten.

Demelza’s always been a character I planned to have in the strip, and I had planned for her to first appear here. What I didn’t expect was for Tiffanie, our mad scientist, to also show up—she was a spur of the moment creation.

Anyway, like any long-term vampiric relationship, Demelza and Gatz’s friendship is complicated. I plan to have a grand old time with them once Demelza cooperates and allows herself to be drawn.

But bonus! I’ve been sketching our characters, and because we haven’t seen Daisy in awhile, I thought I’d let her have a moment.

See you next week!


Webcomic 34 - 2 of Daisy and Gatz