19. Reality vs …

Webcomic 19 of Daisy and Gatz

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This one’s rather sketchy because I had to finish it ASAP, but it gets everything across that I wanted. Or at least, I hope it does.

The apple in the cover is definitely an homage to Twilight. Because of the book’ success, almost all covers in the YA section are now ripoffs of it, and publishers are even using it to market other types of literature, like Wuthering Heights. It’s pretty funny. See?

But no matter how much Gatz may or may not have cared, he’ll never be able to leave behind the vampire and zombie tropes as he embarks on his literary career. I don’t know if Daisy would’ve wanted to be on the cover, anyway. But the publishers most certainly would not have allowed it.

See y’all on Thursday!