17. Flashback: House Hunting

Webcomic 17 of Daisy and Gatz

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Yay! It’s my first page-length strip. This was a hard one to design because I wanted the layout to be visually interesting. Hopefully, you’re not too lost by the order of events.

As you can see, Gatz isn’t above using his and Daisy’s supernaturality to their advantage. That’s why he’s brought out the fangs, albeit in a friendly way. At this point, I’m not sure if Daisy’s aware that’s he’s doing it, or at least, she might not be noticing right now. She’s pretty excited to be house hunting, considering the lairs they’ve kept in the past. But I get ahead of myself—that’s for another day and another strip.

Happy Tuesday!


Oh yes! We now have a tumblr in case that’s easier for you to follow. Some of you may notice the “in which-ness” of the posts, which I am borrowing from Patricia C. Wrede’s excellent Enchanted Forest Chronicles quartet. Princess Cimorene is the best! Thanks for reading!