14. Interlude

Webcomic 14 of Daisy and Gatz

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Do you guys realize that Daisy and Gatz haven’t been together since the beginning of the strip?

I was a big fan of Pushing Daisies was it was on television. It was full of sparkles and sweetness despite being about, you know, death, murder, corpses and other mortality-related things. The premise was that Ned could bring things back to life. He revives his dead childhood sweetheart. However, if he touches her again, she’ll be dead for realz so really cute things ensue like kissing through plastic wrap.

Anyway, eventually the show started to peek into the kinkier side of how a couple stays together when they can’t touch, which brings us to today’s strip. When I first started talking about doing this strip, more then one person was skeptical about Gatz and Daisy as couple. Questions like, “But isn’t she dead?” and “Is she even pretty?” popped up a lot. Poor Daisy, right? Everyone forgets that Gatz, sexy vampire that he is, is still dead, too. But they make it work. They’ve been together over 150 years and have figured out how to be happy. I mean, if people can believe in Ned and Chuck? Why not Daisy and Gatz?

Previews for next week:

  • Moving day!
  • New neighbors!

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