12. A Comic Full of Expository Intent

Webcomic 12 of Daisy and Gatz

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Despite his high SPF, it’s still hard for Gatz to completely trust direct sunlight, which is why he’s sitting in the shade for this book meet. Apologies to all New Yorkers. I don’t live in New York. I don’t know what’s trendy, but gosh darn it! I love tea and epergnes with sandwiches and desserts. I am constantly on the hunt for great tea places. At my latest find, I sat for three hours with a friend sipping my way through a flight of three different teas. Also, the place had lavender and white chocolate chip scones. Worth it.

So our new plot development is that Daisy and Gatz are about to move into a quiet Santa Monica suburb near the beach with lots of families. They liked the normalcy of the neighborhoods, and the truth is that they’ve never been able to openly live anywhere. Not just because of the humans but because of the vampires and zombies, too. More on that as we get deeper into the strip.

No previews this week because I’ve come to the end of my current script. I need to spend the weekend writing, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with new adventures. Trust me: I got ’em.

Thanks for reading!