7. Zombie Mythbusters #2

Webcomic 7 of Daisy and Gatz



Poor Gatz. He has to work so hard to make certain information seem upbeat. I like to imagine that the publisher of Gatz’s book has a PR person working round the clock on spinning acceptable answers.

PR Person: Did you used to eat the blood of the innocent?
Gatz: Oh yeah, all the time.
PR Person: Let’s relegate that back to your darker more rebellious years when you didn’t really understand what you were doing.
Gatz: Okaaaaaay.

The zombie in Debbie’s thought bubble is her impression of Daisy. The publisher thought it would be a good idea not to include a picture of her. That makes me think that I need to create an Eternal Love book cover!

Anyway, we’re moving into one of the key pieces of the Daisy and Gatz world in this comic. Zombies eat humans only because they’re like fast food, but like fast food, they’re not very nutritious. I’ll elaborate on it more in the next comic!

Thanks for sticking around!