2. Supernatural Ground Rules: Vampires

Webcomic 2 of Daisy and Gatz



What is a vampire? When I try to think about my earliest encounter with the creatures, I place my bets on some version of Count Dracula. (The Count from Sesame Street, anyone?) But what does it matter nowadays? The fact is that you can’t swing a bat without hitting a vampire in modern pop culture.

So listed above are some of the ground rules that I’m following, and they’re based off some of the vampire media that’s been floating around, like those listed below:

  • Twilight because how could I ignore it? My favorite part was the one with the vampire baby.
  • The Vampire Diaries, starting up a new pulpy season this Fall!
  • The Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris and True Blood. The TV show does a great job with vampire culture, and I need important words like “mainstreaming” for Daisy and Gatz.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “So he is a good vampire? I mean on a scale of one to ten. Ten being someone who’s killing and maiming every night, one being someone who’s… not.”
  • Dracula, it’s a classic for a reason!

Also Gatz has Twilight hair because he’s a bit of pop culture groupie. When Lestat was popular, he did the rocker thing, too.

Anyway, your preview for next week:

  • Zombie ground rules!
  • Just what was Gatz writing?