1. Meet Daisy and Gatz


Webcomic 1 of Daisy and Gatz

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Hello! Welcome to my first online comic!

This whole project came about because I’m a writerly person, and generally, people don’t think writerly people will have the chance to amass great GREAT wealth. It’s a sad little writerly conversation that almost always goes like this:

Nice Curious Person: So how are you going to make a living?
Me: On dreams!

However, for the last year or so, I would avoid the whole thing by joking that my future was set as soon as I finished my vampire/zombie gothic romance novel. You know: She’s a zombie. He’s a vampire. They’re … in LOVE! And so forth.

Here’s the thing though: After I said it a few times, I began to wonder why I wasn’t writing that vampire/zombie gothic romance novel, and the wheels in my head turned. I felt like there were two routes I could take. First, I could write a romance novel in the vein of Twilight and just embrace the melodrama. Or, I could try a comedic online comic about an odd couple. So, here I am, and here you are.

Thank you by the way :-).

My goal is to use this comic as experimental ground for my creative skills; it’s also the first time that I’m officially showcasing my art skills. (Yikes!) But I mostly hope Daisy and Gatz will be a fun little project for everyone involved, readers too. So I hope you’ll stick around for all the things to come!

Cheers and welcome!